A Night With Uti 2

a night with uti

I feel warmth from inside my body, warmth that seems to be slowly growing stronger, and centered in my erogenous zones. My legs squeeze together a bit at the warmth. I shake my head and try to focus, to get a bearing of what is happening or about to happen to me. “Peter, I’m not sure I can do this. I mean, it’s not right.”...

A Night With Uti 1

a night with uti

The day seems to drag on forever, I’m so anxious and I can hear my own heart beat. I make sure I hurry up with every chore and errand my mother sends me. I can’t wait for the clock to strike 5pm so that I can turn on the radio and tune to my favorite station. Today is the day a man I have...

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….Spontaneous, the thoughts that comes to mind when there’s a suddenness of action, no premeditation, no external stimulus. There’s no better description to portray me. Self motivated, glittering thoughts sprouting from a raunchy mind saturated in deep imaginations.


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