Short Erotics

Song Of The Slut

We’ll dance on table, pole, or lap, Let you grope, and pinch, and slap, Put your fingers anywhere, Suck a nipple, tug our hair. We’ll wash your cock, massage it too, There’s very little we won’t do We’ll suck,...

Forgive Me Mary! 12

Forgive Me Mary! 12

There was no way I was going to tell her the truth, there was no freaking way I was going to loose Mary. I had to think of something quickly. “Baby, what was that? How can you ruin our...

Forgive Me Mary! 11

Things that happened within the next few days in UK made me feel like I was in a dream. I still have trouble recounting some of the events. I was hazy from my nap and so overheated, sweaty and...

Forgive me Mary! 10

Adam, what has become of you? You have a perfect woman who loves you like crazy and whom you love to death. But just look at yourself. You are sneaking around, deleting texts messages, fucking your boss and  washing...

A Dream I Had Of You

I come walking over to you  without saying a word  take your hands slowly in mine  entwining our fingers  I kiss the palms of your hands  lick slowly each finger  teasing  tasting  I gently pull you to your feet...

Forgive Me Mary! 12

Forgive me Mary! 9

I had mixed feelings about what had just happened between Trish and me. Satisfaction and guilt. As I laid in that bed with Trish lying in my arms, exhausted from multiple orgasms. I just cheated on Mary few days...

Forgive Me Mary! 12

Forgive me Mary! 8

Mary insisted on dropping me off at the airport the next day. She kept reminding me of my promise to her. “Mary, you are beginning to sound like a broken record. You don’t need to keep repeating yourself” “I...

Forgive Me Mary! 12

Forgive me Mary! 6

Things with Mary couldn’t be better. I mean, she is the best woman in the world. Soft spoken, good listener, very loving, humble and above all, very forgiving. My happiness mattered a lot to her. She is what you...

Forgive Me Mary! 12

Forgive me Mary! 4

grabbed my jeans on the floor, quickly wore it and chased after Mary barefooted. I was neither wearing aa shirt nor flip-flop.  I kept calling for her “Mary, please wait let me explain” “Stay away from me you filthy...

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….Spontaneous, the thoughts that comes to mind when there’s a suddenness of action, no premeditation, no external stimulus. There’s no better description to portray me. Self motivated, glittering thoughts sprouting from a raunchy mind saturated in deep imaginations.


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