I still don’t feel better

I Still Don’t Feel Better…. 13

*Excuse Me?……. I couldn’t believe my ears. Why wasn’t I born deaf? Atleast I wouldn’t have heard the abomination that came of Frank’s mouth. “What? Frank! What do you mean?” I screamed in shock. “You heard me Lisa. I...

I Still Don’t Feel Better…. 10

*Head Filled With Fantasies And Panties Moist With ANTICIPATION………. I wanted to see my husband take me powerfully and masterfully, dominate me sexually as he wished. I yearned for something exciting to happen to me. A cute delivery guy...

I Still Don’t Feel Better…. 9

*Sisters Threesome……… It was Kimberly’s hand I felt caressing my thigh. I didn’t know what to think because I knew we were all very horny and tipsy. What if our Sisterhood becomes complicated after tonight? That was if anything...

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….Spontaneous, the thoughts that comes to mind when there’s a suddenness of action, no premeditation, no external stimulus. There’s no better description to portray me. Self motivated, glittering thoughts sprouting from a raunchy mind saturated in deep imaginations.


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